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Crime Surging in Los Angeles

Even in the midst of efforts to reduce crime in the city, the crime rate in Los Angeles is up 12.7% compared to prior years. In fact, over the last decade, crime has gone down on a regular basis. This year's data reflects the first increas...
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Video Footage from 2012 Leads to LAPD Officer Conviction

LAPD Officer Mary O’Callaghan has been found guilty of felony assault under color of authority, according to multiple media reports and the Los Angeles Police Department's blog. Her conviction was, in part, based on video footage recorded by tw...
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Los Angeles Police Department Loses Appeal at the Supreme Court

A civil verdict against the LAPD for concealing evidence has been upheld by the Supreme Court. The incident constellates around an arrest made in 2005 in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles. Police arrested Michael Walker at a liquor store...
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LAPD Employing New Approach to Combat Uptick in Crime

For the first time in more than a decade, violent crime in Los Angeles has increased. Los Angeles Times reporters Kate Mather, Richard Winton and Cindy Chang argue in a recent story that Police Chief Charlie Beck's difficult job ...
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Investigation Continues into Police Shooting on Los Angeles' Skid Row

Earlier in March, the Los Angeles police force became yet another department in the nation facing controversy regarding the use of force. According to the New York Times, police were trying to arrest a man who lived in the city's Skid Row dist...
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New Hit-and-Run Social Media Alerts may Lead to more Arrests

Hit-and-run crashes have been described as an epidemic in Los Angeles. According to a recent Los Angeles Times report, the city sees about 20,000 hit and runs each year and most of them are not solved. While most of these crashes result only in...
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LA Police Adopting Body Cameras En Masse

Los Angeles City police officers are increasingly becoming equipped with body cameras. The cameras, introduced gradually over the last year, record officer activities as they interact with the public. Though the plan for body cameras has be...
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LAPD Investigation: Officers Made Mistakes in Fatal Shooting

Protests throughout the country have rocked the nation after grand juries decided not to indict police after the deaths of two unarmed men in Missouri and New York. Los Angeles is now faced with its own potential powder keg.  In Decemb...
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California Approves Prop 47, Reducing many Felonies to Misdemeanors

Voters on Tuesday throughout California supported a change that may lead to the early release of thousands of non-violent criminals and keep many people from serving long jail sentences. The new law may also allow the state to re-purpose hundred...
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Los Angeles is on Track for an Increase in Violent Crime in 2014

Violent crime is on the rise in Los Angeles. After a decade of declines, the county is on track to see an uptick in violent crime this year over last. While certain crimes are at historic lows, the overall violent crime rate is up according to ...
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