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In Los Angeles, Reports of Aggravated Assault are up

For the first time in over a decade, reports of violent crime in Los Angeles are up. The Los Angeles Times reports that, compared with the first half of 2013, reports of violent crime are up 2.9% for the first half of 2014. Prior to this uptick...
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Legal Reforms in Sight for Juveniles Convicted of Crimes in California

California Senate Bill 1038 is currently awaiting consideration by the state legislature. If it is approved and signed by Governor Brown, juveniles who have been convicted of crimes may have more opportunities to put their criminal pasts behin...
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Many Unanswered Questions About DUI Marijuana Law in California

Recently, California lawmakers were presented with a proposal that may have made convictions for driving under the influence of marijuana much easier for prosecutors. The success of AB 2500 would have meant that a DUI conviction would be possib...
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Keyshawn Johnson will not be Charged with Domestic Battery

Multiple media sources report that NFL wide-receiver Keyshawn Johnson will not be charged with domestic battery after he was arrested in Calabasas last month.  An altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Conrad, lead to the arrest. She...
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How do points for moving violations affect me?

Answers: Convictions lead to points on your license. This can increase the cost of car insurance, and if you get too many points you may be classified as a negligent operator and can have your license taken away. Commercial drivers (trucks,...
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What types of traffic tickets require a lawyer?

Answer: Watch for any offense that's a misdemeanor and not an infraction. Tickets will generally have an "M" or "I" circled to indicate whether the ticket is a misdemeanor or an infraction. If it's an M, then you...
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What if I have more than one unresolved traffic ticket?

Answer: You should contact a lawyer to discuss your options. Not paying the ticket right away can only lead to more severe consequences and when you do eventually pay the ticket, then you're pleading guilty to everything. An experienced...
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What if I didn't take care of my traffic ticket by the deadline?

Answer: You may need a lawyer. If you do not resolve your traffic ticket by the deadline, your fine will be referred to GC services (a collection agency). When that happens, your ticket cost goes up exponentially, your license gets suspende...
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Can I go to jail if convicted of a DUI?

Answer: Jails in Los Angeles are some of the most overcrowded in the state. This can lead to a wide variety of experiences if you are convicted. Some people are sentenced to 90 days and are out in 3 hours because of overcrowding. Others are...
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How do I protect my driver's license?

Answer: In any other county in California, there would be one driver's safety office where APS hearings are held. This is not the case in Los Angeles, where there are four offices.  Additionally, it is extremely difficult to obtain...
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